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About Us

The Finest Villas Collection in Kefalonia comprises of hand-picked, quality properties to satisfy all needs and requirements: Sun-drenched, peaceful havens for the lovebirds in cozy, secluded villas with stunning infinity views or stylish, self catering modern homes close to town and attractions for families. Everything you could demand for your accommodation, just ask for it.For engaging, high quality Kefalonia insider experiences beyond the superficial aspects, our packages are specifically designed to suit your refined, special style.

Our collection of high quality properties includes hand-picked, exquisite villas to satisfy even the most discerning customers and our Villa standards demand high quality, above average qualifications. One of our villa connoisseurs has stayed at each property and confirmed it meets our standards. Our experts test all those details that would concern anybody before booking a villa, ensuring a pleasant, highly above average stay: Position, view, in-villa comforts & practical amenities, furniture, water pressure, attention to hygiene, services quality.We are looking forward to welcoming soon.

Anna Pefani – Travlos
Manager of The Finest Vilas
Finest Villas Kefalonia